student motorized michelson interferometer

- Easy to use
- Compatibility of adjustment with other common types of interferometers
- Several optional practical experiments
- Large spaces for easier to conduct experiments
- Two possible optical axis heights with respect to the countertop (option ref. 204 622)
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Data sheet student motorized michelson interferometer


This large arms interferometer constitute an economic alternative to the classroom demonstration interferometer.

This model is fitted with a motorization system especially designed for carrying out the most difficult interferometry experiments that require high translation regularity.

Operating both with a laser and a white light, the student's interferometer allows carrying out all the main experiments of the program.

The free space between the mirrors and the splitter allows conducting experiments and measurements of PW that would not be practical to carry out on different types of interferometers.

Other Specifications

- Dimensions: H. 300 x L. 200 x l. 400 mm
- Weight: 8 kg
- Material: aluminum and steel, black anodized
- Optical axis: height 22 cm
- Mirrors: Ø 22 mm
- Splitter: Ø 50 mm
- Compensator: Ø 50 mm
- Flatness: lambda/10
- Mirrors adjustment: X-Y centered with precision screw
- Splitter adjustment: X-Y with precision screw
- Vernier: analog, 1/100th
- Translation: with microblasted main plate
- Movement: range of 25 mm
- Solenoid restoring force: magnetic
- Protection: input IR heat filter
- Stability: shakeproof silentbloc feet
- motorization (included): motorized with the synchronous motor (ref. 204 611)
- Accessories fastening M6 directly on the casing
Applications :

- Coin d'air, contact optique, lame d'air
- Laser, lampe spectrale, source blanche
- Mesure de cohérence, de bande passante
- Mesure d'indice et épaisseur d'une lame mince
- Mesure de l'indice de l'air

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