strioscopy' origami filter

Origami filter for Schlieren photography.Principle: - The Fourier filtering allows...  Read more
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Data sheet strioscopy' origami filter


Origami filter for Schlieren photography.


- The Fourier filtering allows modifying certain unwanted frequencies of an object by inserting a mask adapted in the Fourier plane (or focal plane of the initialimage).

- Thus, the image (or the different spatial frequencies which constitute it), is interpreted as a diffraction pattern.

These measurements thus require a collimated light source, but mostly purified: this is why the Ovio Laser Torch (ref. 204 080), ready to use and pre-set, is perfect for this type of techniques.


On the filtered image, we note that the lines outlines are highlighted. The contrast becomes globally the same inside the lines (black) and at the bottom (white).

Other Specifications

- Slide format: 50 x 50 mm
- Effective format: 23 x 35 mm
- Storage out of direct sunlight to avoid premature ageing
- Item sold as retail

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