SIMPO rotating carrier with graduations

- Easy geometric optics assemblies execution
- Alignment and settings positioning accuracy
- Assembly stability
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Data sheet SIMPO rotating carrier with graduations


The Simpo jumpers for prismatic benches are available in different versions, but they are all fitted with the same system for threading the rods of the accessories: a V-shaped column equipped with a caliper in the top part for clamping the rods against the V-shaped column sides (clamp Ø 10 to 19mm).

Specific baseplate fitted with light, an index to read the position on the bench, and a locking screw.

On this Simpo simple jumper with turning graduated movement, the column is fixed on a turning support. The diameter of the turning movement is 108mm and it has a Vernier graduation per minute.

Other Specifications

- Sole width: 74 mm
- Total height: 170 mm
- Column: H 80 mm
- Turning movement diameterer: 108 mm
- Amplitude adjustment: rapid over 360° and slow over ± 15 °
- Accuracy adjustment: 1'
- Supported rods: Ø 12 mm

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