SIMPO excellence goniometer 30 sec precision

- Extreme accuracy: 30 arcmin
- User convenience
- Rugged and reliable
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Data sheet SIMPO excellence goniometer 30 sec precision


SIMPO-BOUTY 30 seconds goniometer

The design of our goniometers is based on uncompromised mechanical and optical choices.

On this goniometer, the graduations on metal and the verniers were substituted by graduations on glass and a micrometer microscope which helps assessing the 30 seconds.

The lit micro-graduated limb is completely closed and sealed. The ready is made by means of a specific eyepiece.

The gains in terms of comfort of use, reading accuracy and measurement are very significant.

Guaranteed quality:

- The SIMPO-BOUTY opto-mechanical manufacturing quality is a 10-year warranty
- Our service has a specific knowhow. You have the security of knowing that you are using a practically no wear equipment

New features:

- Accessories for upgrading you old materials (see: Simpo LED lightings)
- Kits specific to go further in your PW (spectro-polarimetry, chromatic dispersion)

This 30' SIMPO goniometer allows you to tackle the following experiments:
- Angular measurements
- Determination of a prism index, dispersion n=f(Lambda)
- Measurement of a blade index (Brewster angle)
- Measurement of a grating pitch
- Spectroscopic measurements
- Fresnel coefficients measurement (glassy reflection in polarized light)
- Determination of a light source emission indicator
- Measurement of the birefringence of a crystal blade

Other Specifications

General specifications:

- Anti-corrosion processed mechanism
- Read range: 0 to 359°
- Reading scale: degrees and arc minutes
- Reading accuracy: 30''
- Power supply: 5V/DC supplied
- diameterer:270 mm
- Height: 30 mm
- Weight: 28 kg

Technical specifications:

- Autocollimator:
. 25mm lens diameter and focal +130 mm
. Lighting by high brightness removable white LED on secondary tube for a uniform illumination, Jack output 2.5 mm
. Crosshair with crossed fine wires
. Detachable beam splitter
. Infinity focus with concentric ring
. Perspective projection eyepiece by pulling system for excellent contrast and no distortions
. High-performance multilayer anti-reflective achromatic doublet

- Slit collimator:
. Lens diameterer 25mm and focal +160 mm
. Symmetrical opening slit
. Slit adjustment by micrometer screw to the 1/100th
. Collimation adjustment by concentric ring
. REmovable collimator column
. Enhanced anti-reflective achromatic doublet for visible

- Plate:
. Rotating on ball-bearing
. Fastening screw
. Fine movement

- Sample stage:
. Height-adjustable by pulling
. Horizontal adjustment by 3 foot screws at 120°
. Fine angular adjustment

- Limbe:
. Lighting by directional green LED integrated into the instrument, Jack output 2.5mm

- Baseplate:
. Fitted with 3 points of support on center plates, 2 adjustable foot screws

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