simpo excellence goniometer 1min precision

A must-have device for optics PWs
1 minute accuracy
Rugged construction
Easy to use
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Data sheet simpo excellence goniometer 1min precision


SIMPO-BOUTY 1 minute goniometer

Very high quality available to educational institutions:

- The SIMPO-BOUTY opto-mechanical manufacturing quality is has a 10-year warranty
- Our service has a specific knowhow. You have the security of knowing that you are using a practically no wear equipment

New features:

- Accessories for upgrading you old materials (see: Simpo LED lightings)
- Kits specific to go further in your PW (spectro-polarimetry, chromatic dispersion)

With a more affordable price that the 30 seconds model, this goniometer will nevertheless allow you to benefit from the SIMPO quality to carry out the basic optical experiments:
- Measurement of a prism angle
- Measurement of a prism refraction angle as a function of the wavelength (Cauchy formula)
- Measurement of the rays deviation minimum angle (Mercury for example)

Other Specifications

General specifications:

- Anti-corrosion processed mechanism
- Read range: 0 to 359°
- Reading scale: degrees and arc minutes
- Reading accuracy: 1'
- Power supply: 5V/DC supplied
- Vernier diameterer: 200 mm
- Height: 380 mm
- Weight: 10 kg

Technical specifications:

- Autocollimator:
. 25mm lens diameter and focal +130 mm
. Lighting by high brightness removable white LED on secondary tube for a uniform illumination, Jack output 2.5 mm
. Crosshair with crossed fine wires
. Detachable beam splitter
. focal length adjustment with concentric ring
. Perspective projection eyepiece by pulling system
. High-performance multilayer anti-reflective achromatic doublet

- Slit collimator:
. Lens diameterer 25mm and focal +160 mm
. Symmetrical opening slit
. Slit adjustment by micrometer screw to the 1/100th
. Collimation adjustment by concentric ring
. Enhanced anti-reflective achromatic doublet for visible

- Plate:
. Rotating on ball-bearing
. Fastening screw
. Fine movement

- Sample stage:
. Height-adjustable by pulling
. Horizontal adjustment by 3 foot screws at 120°
. Fine movement for optimization of the settings

- Baseplate:
. Fitted with 3 points of support on center plates
. Vernier divided in to degrees and recorded every 10 degrees

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