scrambled f-o letters filter

F and O mixed up letters filter.Principle: - The Fourier filtering allows modifying...  Read more
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Data sheet scrambled f-o letters filter


F and O mixed up letters filter.


- The Fourier filtering allows modifying certain unwanted frequencies of an object by inserting a mask adapted in the Fourier plane (or focal plane of the initialimage).

- Thus, the image (or the different spatial frequencies which constitute it), is interpreted as a diffraction pattern.

These measurements thus require a collimated light source, but mostly purified: this is why the Ovio Laser Torch (ref. 204 080), ready to use and pre-set, is perfect for this type of techniques.


Pattern recognition: we can put the letter F or O forth depending on the direction of the opening of the filtering filter.

Other Specifications

- Slide format: 50 x 50 mm
- Effective format: 23 x 35 mm
- Storage out of direct sunlight to avoid premature ageing
- Item sold as retail

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