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The Vocation of Ovio Instruments

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Company engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of educational optical equipment for higher education, Ovio Instruments continues its vocation since 2007: offers you the best products in terms of performance and innovation, always in tune with your pedagogical practices and budgets.

Today, Ovio Instruments markets or publicizes its offers and solutions through several supply channels: catalogue and leaflets, website, telephone, fax, email, dedicated technical-sales force... while remaining committed to its founding values: proximity with the teachers and physics laboratory personnel, rapid and appropriate answer, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Ambitions

We aim at helping students to discover and understand physical sciences in general and optics in particular, through innovative teaching equipment and solutions. We propose a wide and comprehensive offer to meet the highest requirements.

Our Approach

With a team of optics and photonics professionals, Ovio Instruments combines the flexibility and performance of the optics specialist along with the force offered by the MEDIASCIENCE Group for all bearer, industrial and logistics services.

Un véritable partenaire

Our team of field sales answers to all your demands: projects, quotes, technical issues or requests for demonstrations. Please feel free to contact your Customer Care for the metropolis:
Tél. : (From Monday to Friday, from 6.30 to 3.30 pm - UTC)
email : Contact us

Your satisfaction is our priority with our customer service team, our technical assistance and our after-sales service, a large number of free services available to accompany you in your everyday life.

Our International Network

Is your question relating to the international part ?
Please feel free to contact our Export team:

The Guarantees of Ovio Instruments

The Guarantees of Ovio Instruments

Professors in optics section or STL in high school, teachers in Preparatory Classes to the Grandes Écoles or in higher education (engineering schools, graduate cycles), you are the ones who know how to assess and distinguish what is appropriate for your students’ education. Who better than you can help to further improve the learning conditions ? Through constant and two-way dialogue, and by increasing interaction opportunities, we will remain your privilege partner.

Respect des normes

Unless otherwise specified, we offer a three-year warranty for all our materials (see General Conditions of Sale). Our commitment to high quality is thus motivated by our constant desire to improve our performances and the quality of our products :

WEEE Standard
The European ROHS Directive 2002/95/CE on banishing certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products became applicable on the 1st of July, 2006. Most Ovio Instruments products fall into category 9 (measuring, weighing and adjustment instruments used as laboratory equipment), from annex 1A and 1B of Directive 2002/96/CE concerning WEEE. The ROHS directive 2002/95/CE does not generally apply to this category. However, Ovio Instruments decided to reduce and eliminate hazardous substances from all products of its own design and manufacture.

General Conditions of Sale

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