Cookie policy

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a piece of information that is deposited by your browser onto your computer, tablet or smartphone, based on direct requests from websites (and associated servers) that you visit.
They store several layers, like identification and browsing preferences, into a single file.

Cookies on our store :

The cookies used on our store are for the following purposes :

  • - collect data versus your browsing preferences
  • - store identification inputs on our website
  • - manage your online cart
Should you arrive from a partner website, it is possible that a cookie has been sent to establish statistical follow-up on their end.

Third-Party cookies :

Other cookies are liable to be sent by external entities on our website for audience target measurements.

Cookie settings :

By pursuing your browsing on our website, you agree to our policy on cookies.
You can however chose de desactivate them at any time through your browser's setup. Setup may vary from one browser to another. In order to master the settings to activate, please select the help option in your browser's menu.
Warning : once your settings modified, please be aware that your browsing experience may vary aswell as your on-site navigation requiring the use of these same cookies.