Plano Concave Lens D10mm 400 - 700nm

These simple negative lenses have many uses. Alone they form a virtual image of a distant object or collimated light source. Used in combination with other optics they reduce the power of the system. Sharp edges which are common in negative lenses are removed by beveling in order to reduce the likelihood of chipping.
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Data sheet Plano Concave Lens D10mm 400 - 700nm


These are simple lenses having a flat surface on one side and a spherical surface on the other. They are also very close to the form which minimizes spherical aberration for infinite conjugate applications. Our glass lenses are made from the highest grade of optical glass. We have a vast range of different diameters and focal lengths. The lenses listed here are standards. Please call if you do not see the lens you need. We have both larger and smaller lenses and many other diameters to choose from. However, we do try to keep these standards available for quick delivery.

There are three types of plano concave lenses available; BK7 for use in visible range to infrared wavelength range.

BK7 lenses are also available with three types of anti-reflection coatings, visible wavelength range, in the near-infrared range and in the infrared range.

Our lenses are listed by outside diameter and focal length to assist your selection according to required specifications.

Other Specifications

- RoHs : Yes
- Centration : <1′
- Diameter φD : φ10mm
- Wavelength range of Antireflection Coating : 400 - 700nm
- Laser Damage Threshold : 4J/cm2
- Refractive index ne : 1,519
- Transmmittance : > Average 99%
- Material : BK7
- Clear aperture : 85% of the diameter
- Coating : Broadband Multilayer antireflection coating (400 - 700nm)
- Design Wavelength : 546.1nm
- Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) : 20−10

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