physics-chemistry spectrovio ii module

- Low-energy source
- Accepts 10 x10 mm spectrophotometer tanks, slides and tokens Ø 40 mm
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Data sheet physics-chemistry spectrovio ii module


This ingenious and practical vessel carrier allows conducting the filters studies and the chemistry PWs. Fitted with a low consumption LED source, it accepts the 10 x 10 mm spectrophotometer vessels and up to 2 filtersformat slide or token of diam 40 mm. With its magnet metal cover, it is mounted directly on the spectrometer by simple magnetic contact.

Practical and modular:

The vessel carrier can be connected in two different ways: at the tip of the fiber (the spectrometer maintains safety distance) or directly on the sensor (the set is compact and insensitive to the optical fiber).


The vessel carrier has several spaces, allowing to insert both the classical chemistry vessels and the slide format color filters (50x50mm) or token (Ø 40mm). You can insert up to 3 filters at the same time (2 slides, 1 token) and thus carry out subtractive synthesis.

Note: This vessel carrier is compatible with the SpectrOvio II spectrophotometer and is mounted directly on the spectrometer by magnetization.

Bought alone, it requires returning your spectrometer for calibration.

Other Specifications

Tank holder module characteristics (supplements any SpectrOvio):

- Dimensions and weight: 65x100x55mm, 250g
- Completely metal structure
- Source: calibrated low consumption, 350-1000nm
- Power supply: 12V with switch
- Locations:
. 1 for 10x10mm basin
. 2 for 50x50mm slides
. 1 for glass filters Ø 40mm

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