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Full version on Prismax bench of the Real Optical Fiber Kit.Also available in version NewMax (ref. 204...  Read more
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Data sheet optical fiber study


Full version on Prismax bench of the Real Optical Fiber Kit.

Also available in version NewMax (ref. 204 637).

Most telecommunications and data pass through communication systems with optical fiber.

This set aims at studying and measuring the main parameters of a real optical fiber, like the numerical aperture, the index, the core profile, its diameter...

You can also conduct experiments and measurements of injection, losses, or the number of modes within the fiber.

The system also approaches the polarization maintenance or non issues during the fiber crossing.


- 1 Kit for Actual Optical Fiber (ref. 204 636)

- Bench and Jumpers:
. 1 Prismax 2 m bench
. 4 simple jumpers
. 1 jumper with accuracy micrometric translation and vertical movement
. 1 angular and longitudinal displacement jumper ± 20°

- Accessories: 2 pairs of goggles for laser
Practical themes Transmission of information, Optical fiber & transmission of information, Light propagation

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