Modulable 650 nm laser + fiber transmission study set

Sound transmission by light with or without optical fiber.

Ideal for demonstrations

Can be used on optical bench or supporting feet
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Data sheet Modulable 650 nm laser + fiber transmission study set


This « Sound optical transmission » kit is a comprehensive data transmission chain.

Demonstrative and easy to implement, it allows making the sound transmission by light concrete.

The optical transmission of a signal is ensured by a modular, intensity and focusing adjustable laser. The application purpose of the experiment passes through the measurement of the bandwidth, the digital opening, the permissible amplitude...

Three methods of use are available: in the air, by optical fiber with and without connectors.

- Digital opening
- Transmission: bandwidth, modulated signal and attenuation
- Spectral attenuation of a fiber
- Wavelength multiplexing

The free space and guided propagation principles are outlined via the use or non-use of the 2 m provided optical fiber.

To progress further, the signals can be processed using a function generator and an oscilloscope.

Hint: the adjustable/modular laser provided in this kit can be used for all handlings requiring a laser, namely for the diffraction and interferences.


Laser :
- 650 nm Modular laser - class II
- 300 kHz Bandwidth
- Setting the moderate intensity 0-100%
- Modulation range 1V c-to-c

- 2 m Optical fiber
- Single SMA subbase on rod
- Collimated SMA subbase on rod

Detector: phototransistor amplified on rod

To be completed with: an audio source and enclosures, an optical bench or optical supporting feet accepting all accessories on Ø 10 mm rod.

Implementation pedagogical documentation and cords 4 mm/Jack socket provided.

Storage case
Propagation medium Air, Optical fiber
Transmission source Laser
Type of accessories Set of materials for practicals, Stands

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