lcd kit on mount

Allows studying the liquid crystal displays principle on optical bench
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Data sheet lcd kit on mount


The liquid crystal display is a practical polarization application.

Our LCD allows implementing a real system found in our daily life and studying its operation and the liquid crystal effect on the light polarization and thus explaining the black color of the segments on.

Mounted on rod, you can place the display on an optical bench between 2 polarizers in order to easily find its neutral axis, the brightness maximum and minimum and determine the rotary behavior of the polarization when the crystal liquids are aligned.

This system is included in the polarization and LCD pack (see related products).


Used alone, to be completed by:
- 1 optical bench of 2 m on feet
- 7 jumpers
- 2 accuracy polarizers
- 1 white light source
- 1 slide green filter
- 1 convergent lens (approx. 150-200 mm of focal length)
- 1 white screen
Practical themes LCD polarization
Type of accessories Stands

Other Specifications

- Total dimensions: 90 x 100 mm
- Effective dimensions: 53 x 53 mm
- Supply: 1.5 V battery provided
- Study area: LCD cell without polarizer
- Support: rod Ø 10mm, L. 100mm

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