Kit Ondes Centimétriques avec accessoires

- Set allowing to conduct experiments on the propagation of electromagnetic waves with wavelengths at the centimeter scale.
- Rotating horns for polarization.
- Accessories (probe holder jumper and protractors) included
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Data sheet Kit Ondes Centimétriques avec accessoires


Comprehensive Centimeter Waves kit, complemented with two accessories (protractors and sensor holder jumper) allowing you to perform all the program's experiments:

- Signal decrease, Reflection, Absorption, Transmission, polarization, Refraction, Diffraction...

- Practical and astute :
. Jointed bench with angle measurement
. Adjustable antenna polarization direction
. Angularly detected transmitter and receiver rotations
. Retention of the probe using a special jumper
. Voltage output with 4mm socket
. Possibility of activating an acoustic signal

- Quality results :
. Horn antennas on the transmitter and receiver for more sensitivity
. Unique control panel with amplification and internal modulation for higher accuracy

- Several experiments :
● Signal evolution as a function of the distance to the transmitter
● Reflection, absorption and transmission
● Microwaves shielding
● Experiments on the polarization, including Malus law
● Experiments on the refraction
● Experiments on the diffraction and interference
● Transmission of information
● Modulation of centimeter waves


- 1 waves kit cm (ref. 204 029)
- 2 graduated protractors (ref. 204 724)
- 1 sensor holder jumper (ref. 204 585)

Other Specifications

- Oscillator frequency: 9.5 GHz (3cm wavelength)
- Transmission power: 10 – 25 mW
- Internal modulation: switching at 100%
- Modulator internal frequency: about 3 kHz
- Acoustic signal: convertible
- External modulation: 0 – 150 mV (Ueff) / 50 Hz – 50 kHz
- Output voltage: maxi 10 V
- Horn antenna receiver: silicon diode with resonator
- Microwave probe: silicon diode with resonator
- Basic device dimensions: about 160x200x75mm³

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