Kinematic Mirror Holder Production Model

With their simple structure, excellent rigidity and stability, kinematic mirror holders are used in interferometers and laser resonators.
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Data sheet Kinematic Mirror Holder Production Model


NOMI LOCKTM is the new locking mechanism from OptoSigma. It can adjust the torque of the adjustment screws and lock down the screws with negligible shift. It is best suited for use in interferometers or laser processing devices where beam displacement can cause issues. NOMI LOCKTMis a registered trademark of SIGMA KOKI CO., Ltd.

Remarkably stable and compact. Suitable for use close to other devices. Offers a sufficiently large, clear aperture for 45° incident beam.

The mirror is held and secured at three points, minimizing changes in profile.

Two types of holders, the Industrial Type (MHG-MP Series) providing significant cost reduction and the High-Stability Type (MHG-HS Series) allowing for three-axis adjustment, are available for 25mm, 25.4mm, and 30mm diameter optics. Both offer drastically improved ease of use and stability compared to conventional products.

Other Specifications

- RoHs : Yes
- Adjustment Range /tilt (φ25.4-50mm) : ±3° / ±2°
- Adjustment Range /Rotation (φ25.4-50mm) : ±3° / ±2°
- Number of Adjustment Axes : 2 points
- Resolution /Rotation (φ25.4-50mm) : environ 0.39°-0.26°/rotation
- Resolution /Tilt (φ25.4-50mm) : environ 0.39°-0.26°/rotation
- Compatible Optics Thickness (φ25.4-50mm) : 3-5 / 5-8 mm
- Finish : Black Anodized (Super Black Chrome only for MHG-MP12.7-NL)
- Primary material : Aluminum (Brass only for MHG-MP12.7-NL)

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