Full Didactic Kit case for holography

. High quality holograms without the need for anti-vibration devices
. All-in-one set-up without additional equipment!
. Co-developed with a Professor from the University of Aix-Marseille

Allows the realization of 5 key manipulations:
- Reflection hologram
- Interferometric hologram and measurement of a micro-strain
- Double hologram by reflection and transmission
- Realization of a Notch filter
- Realization of a diffraction grating

Accompanied by a complete instructional leaflet:
- Each of the experiments is explained and embellished with visuals
- Explained process for the plate revealation
- Educational resources included
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Data sheet Full Didactic Kit case for holography


Thanks to the expertise of a Professor from the University of Aix-Marseille, we offer a complete didactic briefcase allowing the realization of high-quality holograms on any work table!
This complete set delivered in case does not require any additional material!

Other Specifications

- Source: 1 HeNe 1 mW laser source with expander
- System: 1 box for holography
- Components:
. 1 micrometer screw with fine pitch
    . 1 calibrated shim
    . 1 source of inactinic light green
    . 1 object to be holographied
    . 1 stopwatch
    . 1 mirror d20 mm

- Accessories:
. 1 opaque container to store plates in the dark
    . 3 containers for plate development
    . material for dilution: syringe (without needle), plastic beaker
    . 5 holographic plates
    . revealing product *
    . whitening product *

* non-toxic products

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