SIMPO Benches

The SIMPO benches, in high-quality extruded aluminum, have a prismatic shape and are mounted on adjustable feet for a perfect stability.

Various accessories allow you to mount two benches in parallel using the offset supports, mounting two benches perpendicular then using a device for coupling two benches and varying the angle between them.

Caution : compatibility not garanteed between SIMPO products (alu benches and carriers) and old brands (BOUTY or SORO), especially with cast iron benches.
  1. Bancs prismatiques SIMPO - Ovio Optics
    Bancs prismatiques SIMPO
    Excellente stabilité – - Réglages précis – - Modulaire – - Nombreux accessoires disponibles
    Starting at: €525.00 Excl. Tax €630.00 Incl. Tax