Multi-beam laser

Ideal for experimental demonstrations, as on a magnetic board, this device, including magnetic insole, will allow you to better understand geometrical optics.
  1. multi-beam red laser - Ovio Optics
    multi-beam red laser
    Safety of use (1 MW) – Multibeam mode: 1 / 3 / 5 beams – Magnetic sole – Lasers 650 nm, class II
    €241.67 Excl. Tax €290.00 Incl. Tax


  2. Laser rays  - Ovio Optics
    Laser rays
    Les différents éléments sont utilisables sur tout tableau magnétique.
    Starting at: €245.83 Excl. Tax €295.00 Incl. Tax
  3. Multibeam complete set - Ovio Optics
    Multibeam complete set
    All the components of this set can be used on any magnetic table.
    Starting at: €483.33 Excl. Tax €580.00 Incl. Tax