The emissivity of a hot objects produces infrared radiation which can be viewed in real time. By calibrating this radiation from known sources, it is then possible to make a temperature calibration.

Thanks to the infrared camera, the heat spread along a heated metal bar is recorded over time. This experiment allows to determine the thermal conductivity of different materials, and demonstrates that it is a propagating phenomenon related to internal movement of charge carriers.
  1. Stirling Engine with instruments - Ovio Optics
    Stirling Engine with instruments
    Moteur de Stirling livré avec tous les instruments permettant de réaliser l'enregistrement du diagramme P/V (pression/volume).
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  2. Banc didactique infrarouge CA1875 - Ovio Optics
    Banc didactique infrarouge CA1875
    Température de sécurité ne dépassant pas les 50 °C – Expérimentations multiples pour thermomètre ou caméra IR
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