didactic study of a compact camera

- Acquisition and processing of images

- Comprehensive kit compatible with most optical benches

- PW protocols provided
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Data sheet didactic study of a compact camera


PW based on a compact device adjusted by clutches, allowing to approach all the items of the program. The accessories delivered: sights of resolution, of depth of field, colored filters, lenses and supports for a comprehensive study of the device and the principles of digital photography.

This kit allows studying the concepts necessary for understanding the processing of a digital photography device.

It allows conducting several PWs: resolution, synthesis of a color image, pixilation , resolution limits, of which the protocols are provided.

The camera can be adjusted by clutches giving the user access to the development, the laying time and the opening.

Associated to an image analysis software (to be downloaded), this set approaches all the important notions related to the digital images.

Equipment to be completed by an optical bench and jumpers accepting accessories on rod Ø 10 mm, a laser and a collimated light source.
Practical themes Astronomy, instruments and angle measurements
Type of accessories Set of materials for practicals, Stands

Other Specifications

- Patterns: resolution on screen 200x200mm, depth of field

- Components:
. 2 lenses (+150, +300)
. 1 matted token 2 sides
. 1 precision object token
. 3 slide format filters: red / green / blue

- Supports:
. 2 component holders D 40mm with pins
. 1 thin blade holder
. 1 component holder with clamp

- Device provided:
. Sensor: matrix 10 MPixels
. Lens: F (mm) 6 to 42 mm variable
. Opening: 3.8 to 5.6
. Filling: 1/4000 to 60s

Provided experiments manual.

Bench and accessories not mentioned nor provided.

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