conductivity experimental kit

This experimental device studies the propagation of heat in different metal rods in steady-state.

Studying 4 different metals:
- copper, brass, steel, aluminum
- Temperature management by warm water circulation
- Airtight metal enclosure
- Easy and quick PW implementation
- Measurement carried out by infrared thermography
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Data sheet conductivity experimental kit


The tight metal enclosure ensures the bars vertical holding by a simple clamping system. The submersible pump (supplied) produced a water circulation coming from a heated bath (not provided) to the enclosure. Hence, the rods end is maintained at a fixed temperature.
The other bars end can be left in the open or maintained at constant temperature using a second enclosure (ref. 253 146 to be ordered separately). The steady state is achieved in about twenty minutes.

Experiments using the didactical thermal camera:

- Determine and compare the thermal conductivity of 4 different metals: Copper, Steel, Brass, Aluminum
- Identification of a steady state
- Creation of a temperature gradient by circulation of hot water in a tight metal enclosure

- Direct acquisitions and measurements with a thermal camera and an adapted didactical software (not provided):
. Spatial profile for the study of the heat spreading along the bars (steady state)
. Kinetic follow-up for the study of the heat spreading over time at a given point (transitional state)

To go even farther, experiments in transitional state can be carried out (kinetic follow-up) using caps for the enclosure (ref. 253 148 to be ordered separately).

Other Specifications

- Quick and practical system for inserting/fastening bars
- Black paint for low reflectivity (emissivity higher than 0.9)
- Comprehensive set including:
. 4 rods of different metals
. 4 caps for masking the thermal conductivities during the experimentation
. 1 support enclosure capable of containing 2 liters of water (hot or cold)
. 1 water circulating pump (12 V max. - 1A output on banana sockets) and 5 meters of piping to be cut into two parts (water bath not provided)

Set delivered with a comprehensive teaching experimentation guide, made by a CPGE teacher.

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