CCD detector 3648 pixels USB

- Accurate: 3648 pixels strip, 16-bit vertical resolution
- Easy to use: embedded comprehensive educational software
- Ready for use: software, filters and electrical connector provided
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Data sheet CCD detector 3648 pixels USB


This device allows studying the light intensity received by the CCD sensor as a function of the position (in pixels or mm) of the time.

Immediate results:

- Connect your device and obtain your pattern right away.
- Ease of use and practical:
. Built-in wizards when handling
. Accessible and powerful features
. Possibility to save your data in the internal memory
. Instant filters set up with the Clix system

High quality results:
. A 16bits dynamics offering 65536 levels of precision
. High signal stability
. Adequacy of measures: 1 pixel every 0.8 µm

Achievable experiments:
. Diffraction analysis and measurements by a slit/hole
. Young's interferences analysis and measurements,
. Temporal acquisition of the Sodium doublet pulse
. Barcode analysis
. Triangulation

Direct theory comparison:
. Graphic and digital modelling
. Predefined models sinc function, Young's slits

Rugged reliability:
. Metal structure and extremely robust
. 5 year warranty!

The high sensor resolution limits the saturation and noises phenomena. For the diffraction and interferences PWs, the side lobes can be visualized without saturation of the main lobe.

The embedded software makes it easier to use the equipment in order to focus on the experiments.
Its automatic deployment to your computer requires sensor connection.
The acquisition is guided following 2 modes:
- Intensity as a function of the position, for diffraction and interferences PWs for example
- Intensity as a function of time for a determined sensor section
Several tools are thus available to process the curves obtained: pointer, modelling, spreadsheet, report ...


All accessories necessary for its use are supplied: filters for reducing the saturation, power supply, cables and rod Ø 10 mm for maximum compatibility with the optical benches and feet.
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Thématique Lycée Optique, Ondes/Doppler
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector

Other Specifications

- Dimensions and weight: 133x120x60mm, 600g
- Structure: fully metallic
- Resolution: 3600 pixels, one pixel every 8µm over 30mm
- Integration time: adjustable by 0.1 ms to 60 s, extremely large sensitivity
- Strip: CCD Toshiba, linear 3600 pixels
- Attenuation filters: 2 provided: 1/10th and 1/1000th
- Interface: USB 2.0 - cable provided
- Software: embedded, start when connecting the device
- Compatible: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven/8 32 and 64 bits
- Update: free
Achievable experiments :
Analysis and measurement of the diffraction by a slot/hole.
Analysis and measurement of Young's interferences.
Temporal acquisition of the sodium doublet beat.
Analysis of a barcode.

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