blue laser 405nm - 5mw - class iii

- Mounted on rod for Easy alignment on Optical bench
- Low power: class II
- Allows in particular several fluorescence applications.
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Data sheet blue laser 405nm - 5mw - class iii


This blue laser has a highly differentiated wavelength compared to green and red lasers which allow playing on its wavelength to create rather different diffraction or interferences patterns.

Warning, the eye being less sensitive to this wavelength, the beam may seem less dangerous.

Using this laser thus requires specific information to teachers and students.

Mainly allows several fluorescence applications.
Divergence du faisceau <1 mrad
Power 1 mW - Classe II
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences, Demonstration lasers & light sources
Rod length 130 mm
Type of accessories Light sources & lasers
Wavelength 405 nm

Other Specifications

- Type: laser diode
- Wavelength: 405 nm
- Safety: class 2 – 1 mW
- Beam diameterer at 10 m: 8 mm
- Divergence: 0.7 mrad
- Beam at output: 3 mm
- Service temperature: 10 to 40 °C
- Polarization: linear
- Power supply: 3 V DC provided
- Extremity: threaded M20
- Support: rod Ø 10 mm L. 130 mm

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