Biconcave Lens D25.4mm 400 - 700nm

These biconcave lenses are used when a very high negative power is required. They can be used in a multi-element system or alone to produce a diverging cone or virtual image. Sharpe edges, which are common in negative lenses, are removed by beveling to reduce the likelihood of chipping.
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Data sheet Biconcave Lens D25.4mm 400 - 700nm


Symmetrical biconvex lenses are most useful when dealing with finite conjugate points. This makes them ideal for 1:1 imaging applications or for use in multi-element systems.

There are two types of biconvex lenses available; BK7 for use in visible range to infrared wavelength range.

Our lenses are listed by outside diameter and focal length to assist your selection according to required specifications.

Other Specifications

- RoHs : Yes
- Centration : <1′
- Diameter φD : φ25.4mm
- Wavelength range of Antireflection Coating : 400 - 700nm
- Laser Damage Threshold : 4J/cm2
- Refractive index ne : 1,519
- Transmmittance : > Average 99%
- Material : BK7
- Clear aperture : 85% of the diameter
- Coating : Broadband Multilayer antireflection coating (400 - 700nm)
- Design Wavelength : 546.1nm
- Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) : 20−10

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