analogic ccd detector 2048 pix

- 2048 pixels strip
- Synchronization output
- Output analog signal
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Data sheet analogic ccd detector 2048 pix


This type of sensor is used in barcode readers, scanners... It is dedicated to the study of a CCD sensor allowing to observe the influence of the illumination on the output signal.

Adapted to optical bench or feet, thanks to its rod Ø 10 mm, it is very useful both for the measurements (diffraction and interferences profiles) and for the investigation approach that the implementation of a sophisticated detector represents.

Filters (attenuation and polarization) are supplied to be able to adjust the intensity received by the sensor as a function of the source and the conditions of ambient light.
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector

Other Specifications

- High sensitivity CCD strip 2048 pixels
- Measurement 2 analog outputs:
. Launch (top reading)
. Analog signal
- Supply: 12V (unit provided)
- Sensitivity: adjustment by potentiometer
- Exploitation: analog or digital oscilloscope
- Computer Assisted Experimentation: 1MHz minimum over 2 channels
- Filters provided: attenuation filter + polarizer
- Mount: Clix

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