Aluminum Mirror BK7 30mm 5mm Thick λ/10

This is a vapor-deposited aluminum flat mirror with the substrate polished with high accuracy, designed for high reflectivity at any incident angle.
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Data sheet Aluminum Mirror BK7 30mm 5mm Thick λ/10


Module that can vary the optical path length by moving a mirror reflected vertically to a stage.

Travel : ±6.5mm

With four types to choose from; (TFAN/TFAQN) which is coated with aluminum only, (TFA/TFAQ) which is coated with a protective coating against accidental hard scratches, (TFAE) which is coated aluminum and a protective coating to increase the reflectance of ultraviolet and lastly, (OPBA/OPSQA) which provides Aluminum with protective coat on the optical parallel substrate.

For ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared light applications.

For low thermal expansion mirrors, we have (TFAQ/TFAQN) which is made of Synthetic fused silica that provides high rigidity and high precision surface quality.

Other Specifications

- RoHs : Yes
- Coating : Al+MgF2
- Diameter φD : φ30mm
- Material : BK7
- Rear surface : Polished
- Surface Flatness : λ/10
- Incident angle : 45°
- Laser Damage Threshold : 0.25J/cm2 (Laser pulse width ; 10ns , Repetition frequency ; 20Hz)
- Parallelism : <3′
- Thickness t : 5mm
- Material : BK7 / Synthetic fused silica / Hard glass (Pyrex® etc.)
- Clear aperture : 90% of the diameter
- Coating : Al+MgF2 (λ/20 surface flatness mirror is Al+SiO)
- Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) : 40−20

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