40 mm token microlithographic- microstructures

- Microlithographic token
- High quality patterns
- Heat and ageing-resistant
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Data sheet 40 mm token microlithographic- microstructures


The determination by optical process of a structure invisible to the eye is an approach applied to nanostructures. The plate contains 9 samples (representing micro balls, micro-rectangles and micro-squares of different size).

The laser passing through these structures results in the formation of a diffraction pattern. By analyzing this pattern, we can go back to the shape of the particles present in the plates.

It is heat and ageing-resistant and largely insensitive to dirt.

Combined with the Clix system, you no longer need to adjust in order to go from one slit to another. Maintain your alignment, you only need to turn and measure!

Other Specifications

- diameterer: 40 mm
- Thickness: 1.5 mm
- Accuracy: 2 µm
- Glass: substrate K9
- Process: micro-lithographic
- Mask: chrome
- Samples:
. Micro drive (3)
. Micro-rectangles (3)
. Micro-squares(3)

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